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If there are any unfamiliar elements in your proposal, link them back to something the reader knows. In this example, we assume most readers haven't heard of GoldenDoodle dogs but are familiar with Poodles and Golden Retrievers (common in America ). If you are proposing a solution to a problem, explain why the audience should care.

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If you are thinking about getting a family dog, you should definitely consider a Golden Doodle puppy. Golden Doodle dogs are a mix of Poodles and Golden Retrievers, offering the best qualities of each.

Golden Doodles are extremely smart. Both of their parents, Poodles and Golden Retrievers, are known for their intelligence and ease of training. In fact, Golden Doodles are popular service dogs. This means your dog will be easier to train and more fun to play with.

Golden Doodles have a great personality and love kids. They inherit this from their golden retriever ancestors, who are happy-go-lucky family dogs. They love to be with their people, especially children. Ours greets me at the door each day when I come home from work, usually bringing me a shoe or a toy to play with.

Golden Doodles are also great for people with allergies. Their fur is more like human hair than typical dog fur. As a result, they don't shed and won't trigger most o dog allergies. This is great if a member of the family is allergic to dogs or one of your kids friends has asthma.

For the reasons above, getting a golden doodle puppy is a great option. To learn more about Golden Doodles and find a breeder near you, check out this website .