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This leads to a simple conclusion – in order to restore the efficiency of the flash drive, you must first accurately determine the brand of the controller to choose the right tool for treatment. The search will probably produce several results, and you will have to try all utilities. USB was working fine until I tried to put Linux on it. The Windows explorer detected it and shows “Removable drive H: Determination of parameters of the flash drive manufacturer, brand controller, amount of memory.

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Determination of the model of the controller and firmware flash drive The flash drive has ceased to fulfill its direct responsibilities for storing and transferring information, giving out when connecting, messages about zero volume, connecting an unknown device, and also refuses to format.

Thank you for sharing the tips Mine didn’t show any util available:. It is advisable, before launching the program, to leave only one single USB flash drive connected to the USB ports with which you want to get maximum information. In this step by step guide we will install that version and integrate it with Drupal 7 13fe&pdi distro site using Search API module.

It remains to download the desired utility and apply it. When connected to a PC, the LED came on, the 010 drive was detected and was visible in the explorer, but it worked erratically. Unplug all the external storage devices inserted in your computer then plug your inaccessible flash drive and run the ChipGenius.

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Google or Yandex request, like: After flashing a flash drive – all information on it will be deleted! We hope that one of them will help you solve the problem, and with the help of these identifiers you will be able to find a suitable program for repairing USB-media, no matter how serious this problem was.

In my case in the screenshot belowthese parameters are equal: The program will determine the USB flash drive model, model and type of memory all modern flash drives are supported, at least from normal manufacturers As a rule, after such a repair, flash drives work normally further, but I would not recommend critical and important data to be stored on a flash drive after repair.

The utility from the Russian company ANTSpec Software, allows you to query the controller flash drive and get information about the device. One utility could approach all controllers of one firm. So everything is simple, the Internet to help you, a successful recovery! All actions will be scheduled in steps. The program is able to respond only to the connection of USB-drives in particular, flash drivesand can not interact with other devices that are connected via the above interface: Usually, to open the case of a flash drive, you need a knife and a screwdriver.

I tried some known fix: Now the situation has changed dramatically, with the development of the industry of flash drives, the number of companies producing controllers has increased significantly. On the basis of these data, it is worthwhile to select an expedient program. Flash Drive Information Extractor A small free utility to get the most information about the flash drive.


The algorithm is as follows: If the VID and PID were empty or could not be counted, it may have been the case, mechanical damage to the microcircuit, then the programs are powerless here.

How to fix inaccessible flash drive identified by computer as “USB Disk 30X USB Device” | webfoobar

All that was clear after examining her was that she was 16 GB and her brand was SmartBuy. After you find and download the necessary utility, launch it and format the media – in my 13fe&pod it was necessary to press just one button – Restore.

Having a bootable Linux on flash drive is very handly tool for a web developer. How to find out the password from a neighbor’s WiFi. Below is the result of a usb flash drive scan, the first line indicates the controller model: MP3 players, phones and other devices – it does not recognize.

Below the first pane will show the detailed information of the selected device.

There is no possibility because the flash drive will go under low level format. Just please follow it carefully.