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Higher resolution is painfully slow and uses more disk space. This serves to improve the dynamic range of the scan by scanning the photo twice, with different levels of analogue gain applied. The current issue of shutterbug, I believe april issue, addressed the quality of the Plustek i SE film scanner as being the BEST 35mm film scanner ther author had used. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. For the professional use it is recommended by all means to use the Archive Suite. There are some on these forums who actually test scanners using test charts or using a “slanted edge” test and use those to determine real world resolutions. Now to be honest, this was one of just a few cases where I was able to detect any difference between the amount of detail captured at dpi versus dpi.

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Would the Plustek be better than a flatbed Epson v?

The above adjustments affect all scans until you call up the QuickScan Setting window again. Subscribe to Product News.

I discovered this wasn’t much of a problem for me but there were a few slides that wouldn’t work at all. I was nervous about the “no name” brand of Plustek but after scanning ovr 4K slides I love it We thus urgently recommend that you contact your scanner manufacturer prior to updating to macOS If you read that issue cover to cover you will find this opinion. There are two ways to scan your photos with the OpticFilm i AI.


It also cuts down on scanning times and file sizes, which can be humongous with dpi scans, particularly those created in bit mode. I hope to get around to shooting some Adox CMS 20 someday. The quick-time on demand tutorial makes this thing simple to use, even for an idiot like me.

You can see how the dpi scan hangs on to them all, even where the dpi scan loses them. You will do well to consider a Canon FS or a Nikon I award 5 out of 5 stars. I decided that I really don’t need more than dpi for most of my pictures and that gives a respectable 1. I bought it for scanning old slides and negatives and it is doing a great job if you have the time.

Opinions on Plustek OpticFilm 7500i Film Scanner?

Set up of the scanner couldn’t have been easier. In this new version, affected scanners will no longer function with SilverFast until their drivers are updated to support bit.

What impressed me the most about the Silverfast software is that I can upgrade it if I want to to a version calibrated to Kodachrome film colors to automate the process of color correction of the slides. My family has hundreds of old Kodachrome slides stored away in slide clips and carousels. Awesome auto as well as manual image adjustment features. I’m now probably almost a thousand slides into the job.


Scanners lacking bit drivers are not compatible with macOS I am very happy. I’ve been taking pictures since I was 9 years old mid 50s.

: Customer reviews: Opticfilm I Se Dpi Silverfast Seplus Isrd

Top rated Most recent Top rated. Also included in the box are a padded carrying bag, two 35mm film holders – one for strips of up to six frames and another one accommodating up to four mounted slides – a USB cable, a mains adapter, an installation CD, SilverFast software on another CD and, with the AI version, a 35mm IT8 calibration target as well. I was scanning slides within plusteo minutes of opening the box.

Even with its minor faults, I’m quite happy with my Plusteck i SE and I’m enjoying scanning and organizing my pictures without much fuss. None of them were easy to use. I also have not scanned any Kodachrome yet. The dust and scratch removal works great. What I have found with the i was that you had to make every effort to properly flatten the film strips, because any curls can degrade scan quality.

Now, finally the Plusteck i SE really was easy to set up.

The SilverFast update to version 8.