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All for a reasonable price of between and From the numbers above, it’s clear that the FireWire interface is noticeably faster than the USB connection, although not by as much as I’d expect. Chromatic aberration in the corners of the scans was also very low. What type of film are you planning on scanning? Three eyedropper tools let you set black, midtone, and white points by clicking on the eyedropper and then clicking on a specific portion of the image. The only problem came in trying to remove the slides, as it was a little difficult to slide them out without accidentally touching the image frame. As opposed to the CCD moving while the film remains stationary.

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In my tests, the DSEII delivered about the highest resolution I’ve yet seen from a scanner in its general resolution category dpi units.

It’s an opaque piece of glass that goes between the CCFL light source and the film to diffuse the light further. As an old guy, I miss that. The Minolta produces the best result maintaining a lot of detail and sharpness without any visible noise. Test Results As is my customary practice, the comments here are an abbreviated summary of my findings: Still, I like the single-unit holder as opposed to a clamshell designas it greatly simplifies the slide-loading process.

Prescan Tab Clicking on the Prescan button activates the scanner to create a larger prescan preview of the selected image, and automatically opens the Prescan window.

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Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 2 Film Scanner Review

If you’re interested in stills and video, though, it’s knockout. However, you have to scan at PPI to get the With myMinlta have scanned 8X10s imnolta section at a time and stitched them together semi-successfully. Come and visit me at: I would recommend the Scan Elite II highly. An Undo button in the bottom right corner removes the most recent change. You can adjust the Tone Curves by creating points on the curve and dragging them.

The “Display Limit” dimate activates an indicator of the maximum level for each adjustment. The Multi-sample scanning option didn’t yield any noticeable difference in our tests. It excels with negative film but suffers more with slides since it has more noise than the Nikon or Minolta in the scans.

We’ve selected our favorite lenses for Nikon DSLRs in several categories to make your decisions easier. This is what the scanner can resolve.

Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 2 Film Scanner Review

Adding only a minute to your scanning time it is probably worth leaving ICE on all the time. What camera or lens should I buy? Overall, there’s no question that it sets a high standard for scanners in this market segment. You will get more responses there than here where majority are Dimage digicam users.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite II Scanner | eBay

mijolta There are no comments here! When you insert a holder into the scanner, it slides easily until it reaches a click-detent. It’s not the best with slides again, Nikon beats it hands down there but it’s the only one of the scanners that’s currently being produced and supported officially. The biggest downside besides what I’ve noted before is that you manually have to move the film carrier between frames which makes the process slower.

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However it is possible that with some scanning material a noticeable difference could be achieved. Below the curve are adjustment sliders for Brightness, Contrast, and Red, Green, and Blue color balance corrections. When scanning a chart at maximum dimae one has to be concerned with registration between the lines on the chart and the dimagge placement of the sensor.

This is perhaps the most “user friendly” adjustment control, ideal for people who are novices at image correction.

The Auto button at the bottom of the window applies any automatic adjustment, and any change can be undone by pressing the Reset button. Film handling Provided in the box are two scab for slides and film strips. This makes it very easy to adjust the focus back and forth until you find the optimum point. Selective Color Adjustment This is a very powerful tool, hiding behind a deceptively simple interface.

Downloading the latest driver ensured we didn’t have any problems in the installation procedure and we were very quickly able to start scanning.