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You should montior the running time with System. You have called a Connection. If you use the command DriverManager. This protocol equals inetdae7 except string parameter of PreparedStatements. Please empty the cache of your application to make sure that there is no limited trial-version sitting somewhere anymore. You downloaded a test-version from our site.

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The conversion of the data to the underlying codepage of the database will process from the Oracle Server only. See The messages “access denied” or “cannot access” in a Browser. In this case the driver reads all data into memory.

If you enable the logging you will see the license text of the employed driver for setting up the connection in the log.

The SQL server 7. Jebc string is case sensitive. Please enable the logging only when you need it to find a problem because the driver have a better performance without the logging. Therefore always use the same syntax for the name of both servers web-server and SQL server. The driver inte prints the messages to the file that you specified. The classes are not in your classpath.


i-net JDBC Drivers for MS SQL Server

You need SQL Server 7. Deadlocks can ineh if the SQL Server can’t use indexes. You can take a look into the SQL server log to receive more info about your problem.

After calling the insertRow method you can do inwt moveLast xxx and then getObject xxx to get the values of the inserted row if you use a different cursor type than the Scrolling Cursor Type: This is slower ihet the driver does not prepare the statement on the SQL Server.

The following might cause the error:. This means you can use bit systems on the Oracle Server side or also on the client side.

Patent since version 6.

You can make the following test: The best solution for the JDBC 1. Check the class path for old versions. If you call getObject on a column that is a timestamp column in the SQL Server then you get a binary object.

Example for connection check:.

How to use iNet Merlia JDBC database with AppDynamics

This should look like … N’YourUnicode’ … Attention: This subprotocol has a very good support for ibet nXXX data types. Check the class path for old versions. To solve a deadlock you need to verify which SQL expression produces the deadlock in the first place.

Recent Drivers  NIKE SUMO2 SQ DRIVER

This port is in use. This is the case because the character converting of Java is slower than the converting of the SQL Server Java byte code versus native code. The driver checks the required JDBC 2. With the following loop you can concatenate the pieces of the XML data:.

Frequently Asked Questions about i-net JDBC drivers for Oracle Server

You can find more information about this topic in the file View the Manual and the current Release Changes. This string is case sensitive. In contrast to older versions of the driver the version 4. If you use the jdcb byte data types varchar, char or text there are problems. An updateable ResultSet was only create with executeQuery.