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A gouge will work too I used both the black rigid tabs and the green flexible tabs guns for years. RoboFramer , Sep 7, It’s a gouge that you pull instead of push I received the new spring and found after several frustrating hours of struggle that I just did not have the right stuff to replace the spring into the gun so I had to ship the whole shebang back to United and they installed the spring for me at a nominal charge. Run a “V” scorp down the middle of the glue track and remove about half of the glue.

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One framer here suggested throwing it across the room. I’ll let you know what fixes the problem. If it has a push on connector it’s also easy to swap the gun for a blower, or a rigid tab gun, although my gun also fires semi-rigid tabs – again never ever jams – whatever.

I remove the four screws that hold the housing, lift it off the unit, and clean it out with a Q-tip as suggested, then spritz a little mat cutter, silicone lubrication spray into it and on both sides of the tongue. My take on it is that the tolerances are better and tighter on the black because it’s driving a non-flexible shaft.

The problem seems comes back quickly although I did all the maintenance as shown in the fleximasteer site.

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The other rare occasions they did jam we pulled out a new box of points and things generally worked fine Bear I’m going to try removing some glue on the fleximastee strips. FramarSep 5, Add Items to My List Pretty much just as you described it Jim. Wouldn’t want her to back out now.


Mine only jams when the points are half way gone. Parts available from United.

FT don’t mind that their points will fit others’ guns. Baer – you are speaking in tongues again – what, pray tell, is a “V” scorp?

Oh yeah Baer, I am sure everyone has a set of these laying around I got around that by using the magazine from the old gun – it fitted and worked fine in the new gun, which meant I could buy Cassesse etc points for a lot less money, and before anyone says – ‘using points not designed for the gun would casue a problem’ forget it!

Theirs have a nick on both sides, so their points fit the Fletcher but Fletchers points don’t fit the Cassese. Factory-Shipped Items The following items are shipped directly from the manufacturer. Saving an item or moving it to a list does not guarantee price or availability.

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Fletcher Point Drivers

What I DID not like, however, when it came to replacing one of them, was that the new and improved gun, would only take Fletcher-Terry points – the new FT points had a nick in them and the new FT gun had a corresponding channel in the point magazine, and that was that. I always like to have foetcher spare backup box of “known” good fasteners fletdher to hold me over until a later bad batch can be replaced.

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If the spring is not actually broken, could it not be stretched a bit to give it more tension? Hint — click the icon to view specific applicable details, like color swatches, pigments, and more! You can insert and remove boards, glass, etc over and over with pneumatically fired points and they’ll stay put – and you MAY be able to pull the points out by hand, but it won’t poing easy at all.

Not your average framerSep 10, I’m going now to clean out my driver. The warranty is generous and liberally applied. Sometimes it’s just more than worth it to avoid frustration and rleximaster pay someone to do these things they are already set up to do. High Tech Solution If you hit the gun against your worktable twice, holding it in your right hand, it un-jams automatically Could not resist. Don’t know if this is any use but I find that if I load a stick of triangles with the rubbery strip toward the driver blade if tends to jam.

I also have a pnuematic flexi point driver that I am willing to sell for a lot less than full retail. I bought some off-brand flexi-points instead of the Fletcher brand.

I used both the black rigid tabs and the green flexible tabs guns for years.