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Page 1 of 7 Procedure: The rate of injection is set by the second potentiometer figure Fuel injection mode Fig: This amount is subject to change until you make payment. Crimp terminals are supplied, make sure that the bare wires are properly secured, check that there are no flared wire ends as these might cause a short circuit. All things being equal, larger engines flow more air and as.

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RotorSports water injection Aquamist

This type of installation should have the injection point threshold adjusted relatively high on the MF2 with perhaps a manifold pressure of 1 bar or over before commencement of water injection. Flow and pressure characteristics are controlled by varying the frequency and the duration of the electrical pulse fed mt2 the solenoid. A supercharger tends to build up its boost curve progressively with engine speed.

Partially blocked jets can sometime be detected but the system may be confused if a wrong size water jet is fitted. The pressure input wire knjector be spliced directly into any one of the above mentioned sensors without affecting the original signal. Accessory Application Publications No.

Please follow the step by step procedures carefully as incorrect cabling may result in permanent damage to the equipment, especially the water pump. With a few additional components, boost pressure of a turbo car can be mapped and controlled by the MF2. This inline valve is made of high grade Stainless steel and capable of achieving a cycling rate of over Hz. Stay tuned, next we will do a little experimenting with our tuning to see if we can get a significant power boost with the water system.


Schematic wiring diagram of the MF2 Conclusion: By now, all wires and pipes should be correctly connected mappaable the loom plug firmly pushed into the MF2. It is time to check that the diagnostic circuitry yellow LED is functioning properly.

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Application limitations This system can cope with cars which only need water to suppress detonation. Too much water may result in over cooling and cause Fig. We did not want a ricey and cop attracting pillar pod so Brian fabbed this up out of aluminum and powdercoated it satin gray. Make sure a good earth mininium 5A current carrying capacity is found, otherwise improper operation may occur.

This is a photo of the actual car that this document is based on Welcome to SwedeSpeed You’re currently browsing Swedespeed as a guest. This installation takes full advantage of the specific heat and latent heat of water. The entire installation is inejctor except programming the RPM enrichment potentiometers rpmsee page 3 for 2-D mapping details.

The battery is dead.

FOR SALE: MF2 mappable injector driver

Note that boost pressure can only be controlled on the active part of the turbo charger. Finally, we hope that you find this booklet helpful and enjoy trouble free motoring for years to come. The green wire can also be used for additional warning devices. These can easily be accommodated by the 2-D map. The sensor had a slow response time and sometimes would not go into closed loop tripping a check engine light.


This is because water injection uses the fact that water has a high latent heat of evaporation and much of the benefit of water injection is from the cooling effect of vaporizing the water as well as combustion buffering of the water in the combustion chamber slowing the burn. In addition, it has diagnostic circuitry designed to detect blocked water-jets mxppable cut pipes. This real time flow rate is handy when tuning and to ensure everything is working properly.

The amount of fuel injected is determined by the setting of the RPM enrichment curve potentiometers Fig. Water should be introduced as early as possibe, the obvious place being on the up-stream of the intercooler. Make sure that the pressure applied does not exceed the Map sensor sensing range otherwise permanent damage may occur.

ERL MF2 5th injector

An in-line 5A fuse must be incorporated as there is no short circuit protection circuitry on the injector driver transistor. Dosing System for Professional Laundry machines. If you have any questions regarding Aquamist water injection call or e-mail Autopassion anytime.