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So if you move your mouse off the right edge of the laptop screen it will appear on the left edge of the external monitor. Because I’m wondering why it needs the Xircom card in the first place if it already has a built in ethernet jack. The hibernate command works fine without any modifications. Ubuntu installs the Gnome Desktop. Then boot ubuntu and most of the performance problems will disappear.

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The Desktop Edition iso is a live boot CD which includes an option to install to hard drive.

Question about the ethernet jack on a Dell Latitude C600

Next I add the universe and multiverse repositories. Sat Jan 15, 4: I plugged in the DFE, ubuntu detected it without any problems. Then boot ubuntu and most of the performance problems will disappear.

By convention, when the window manager opens a new window it will not split the window across the two monitors, but you can resize windows if you wish. Contropler work with XP, correct? To de-activate DRI all you have to do is set the default depth in the xorg.


It is a If this card isnt there, then both the phone and network jacks are not usable.

It took some time to install, especially with the CD problems, but once installed Latitudf provided everything I latiutde. I am very happy with Ubuntu 7. Instead, I had to edit the config files by hand.

But I have had problems with the the default Ubuntu xorg. DRI only works at depth Create a swap partition. It turned out that on the Latitude c the ethernet and modem sockets are attached to the case, but the controllers are on a mini-PCI card which can be found by removing the memory compartment cover on the bottom of the laptop.

Thanks, you’ve been a huge help. I may need to be getting some of my own. Is this card going to be a Dell only item, or will I be able to find it somewhere else? Kindly ethernef by http: Sun Jan 16, 5: Here is my final sources.

Dell Latitude C600 Parts

Originally posted by Hellion Prime: It’ll need to be the dell spare part to ensure it’ll actually work, but you could probably get it from a variety of places besides straight from Dell. These commands define a second server layout named Multihead. If you watch videos or play games then you need DRI and you can’t use suspend.


On this laptop DRI will only work at 16 bpp.

Ubuntu on a Dell Latitude C

Sat Jan 15, 3: I like the fluxbox latituve manager. If it isnt, then you’d need to get the card before you’d be able to use the built in jacks for anything.

But someone had removed the mini-PCI card. The first way to do software suspend is to use the Fn-Esc key combination. Conroller you don’t watch videos or play games then you must deactivate DRI before trying suspend.

The second way to suspend is to use the hibernate command either in a shell or bind it to a key.