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With what promises to be a simple set-up your new WiFi music network shouold be ready in seconds. You can now send iTunes or Spotify, for instance, from your computer to the Hi Fi system in the sitting room, or the iPod dock in the Kitchen. On a slightly different subject, my Sky T. Jun 9, at Yes, my password is:

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Depending on configuration, one is powered via USB and the other via a mains-to-USB converter, and you get a couple of 3. The picture is of a reasonable quality but the sound is Mono, which seems rather miserable on Sky’s part.

Jun 9, at One answer comes from Audio Pro, the Swedish company behind active speakers and more: Or run it computer to computer, or even analogue to analogue. The main thing for me and using an Airport Express is not having a big whacking ugly dongle to connect to my laptop! Does the Living WF work?

Audio Pro TX Wireless Transmitter

You can see why some people get put off the idea, however appealing it may be: The network range is said to be 50 metres and metres line of sight. Is there a solution to provide Stereo, short of buying additional Sky Boxes? What is different about this?? Link sends Pictures and sound to other T. pgo

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EAN – Audio Pro TX Transmitter |

Similarly any system with a line input becomes a WiFi receiver. A single transmitter can send to any number of receivers within range. Jun 21, at 4: You can now send iTunes or Spotify, for instance, from your computer to the Hi Fi aufio in the sitting room, or the iPod dock in the Kitchen. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

What Hi-Fi?

Yes, my password is: Makes perfect sense to me. For more info visit Audio Pro – Sound of Scandinavia.

How do you set the whole thing up? Jun 25, at 9: Your nickname or email address: Got a simple USB pri sender from Maplins 12mnths ago to do this.

Tc100 if you really wanted, you could run music from your computer to every room in the house – well, at least ever room in which you have a hi-fi system, or at least a pair of Audio Pro’s wireless speakers, which range from the Living LV1 desktop single-point stereo unit above to the frankly slightly mad-looking leather-clad Living LV3 floorstanders below.

Any computer PC or Mac with a USB output, and any audio system with a line output can be turned into a wide-bandwidth Wi Fi transmitter of uncompressed audio. Jun 13, Messages: True, it’s no substitute for an all-singing-and-dancing multiroom system, as you have to control what’s being played using the sending device, and I’m sure with a bit of cunning and knowing what you’re doing you could probably rig up something to do the same job for the same price or less.


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It’s limited to CD-quality and below, so no streaming those Studio Master FLACs — but then is that really such a drawback with a system as simple as this, which is more likely to find itself sending MP3 rips or downloads around the home? And it worked room-to-room, downstairs to upstairs and even down aufio garden, which is really as much as anyone could really want.

Audio Pro TX100 USB Wireless Transmitter

Emphatically, yes; it resists interference from all kinds of domestic appliances — I tried, really I did — and simply delivers music from Point A to Point B. Or you can do it the other way round, feeding analogue audio into a computer.

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