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And it supports ogg, which an increasing amount of my rather small collection of music is in. Does it have OGG support? And for some reason album art is not transfered when using Banshee. I’m another one of those overly common iPod users. Yes, also flac, mp3, wav, wmv and maybe more WHat did you go though to get it working in Ubuntu? Play ogg files using ptunes for Palm OS.

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But would like one on 60gb: I mp364nd11 seen a couple of projects online to get it working in Linux but nothing concrete. Still cant figure how to use it with ubuntu, so for now, I have to use my Macbook. The included Windows software is functional, but not albq reliable; it has had several glitches on a new XP-only Dell laptop.: And for some reason album art is not transfered when using Banshee.

The Creative works perfectly with Gnomad2, and I use Amarok to handle my sister’s music on the Nano, still haven’t found a way to transfer pictures to it. M3p64nd1 ears are so shot I can’t use headphones or earbuds at any volume for more than a minute or two with getting raging tinnitus.


But I would like it to work better, it can be temperamental, and the Gnomad2 software is very basic. I have a Creative Zen Micro.

Best sound quality I’ve ever had in an mp3 player, ever. Results 1 to 15 of It works with windows mp364ns1 player so i doubt it will work with ubuntu, but i havnt tried it.

Alba mp3 64mb

It mounts as USB storage, and I copy the files on. Yes, also flac, mp3, mp364jd1, wmv and maybe more WHat did you go though to get it working in Ubuntu? I have to say, after using the ipods and the cube the duo is only good in my old car with the tape deck in it, I prefer the cube I know I mentioned how I love my little cube more than my ipods I will be busy converting my whole CD-collection and loading them onto my new toy.

I just bought something else I also might buy a dedicated player, I was thinking an iriver H from ebay laba an iaudio X5. It just plays mp3, wav and that wma thing And even on Windoze can only load files using the damn “Connect”. One of the worst players I have owned. Anyone know if the toshiba gigabeat works with linux? Colour see all Colour.


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I have a 30GB Netac iMuz. You should have added “Does it have OGG support” to your list of qualifications. They didn’t have any replacements so the wife chose another Unfortunately, the player requires that you convert photos and videos even in Windows before loading them I got an Ipod 4gb. Item location see all Item location.

Alba mp364nd1

m;364nd1 After checking the creative site I found out abouth the otehr firmware version that works in Linux and installed. Skip to main content. Please be careful to keep your listening levels moderate or you will wind up like me!: I said “what do you mean update? I’m another one of those overly common iPod users.

I have an older iRiver ihp 20GB. I still do, now, even more so.